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the six pillars

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Hope is a function of struggle. We develop hope not during the easy or comfortable times, but through adversity and discomfort.

Brene Brown

The dandelion is a resilient and tenacious plant that grows even in the harshest of environments, providing nourishment to the soil through its roots. Through the ebb and flow of its cycle of life, it transforms where it grows and expands its reach. It is the symbol of hope colloquially, but for The Index, it symbolizes hope through this one lens: the manifestation of change with a single, seemingly small action.


Grants for obtaining consistent housing, including down payments on houses or deposits on apartments.


Smaller grants for folks who need fast, on the ground relief and/or refuge​, like funds for gas, hotel stays, and groceries.

Our origins are rooted in community care. We have witnessed increasingly hostile sociopolitical circumstance, directly affecting our community members' access to housing, basic necessities, and clinical services. Safety and security start at home. Yet locating a place that is safe, secure, and feels like home is a barrier for so many. Having the funds to cover the cost of necessary bills is a daunting and monthly struggle.

By focusing our outreach and our service within our own community, we aim to increase access and decrease monetary barriers and limitations. Stable, reliable, and secure place to rest at night. A little extra to cover the rest of the electric bill (plus some). Gas to be able to fill the car to get where is needed. These are only a few of the services we are planning exhaustively to provide through operations of The Index. 

While we aren't ready to release these yet, we wanted to express our plans for the future and hold ourselves accountable to what our original mission is. (Projected timeline to begin: End of 2024)

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