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terms of service

The index TOS Introduction

Index Retreats LLC, also known as The Index, may be referred to in the following manner(s): the venue, premises, space, or grounds. When referring to “attendees,” “clients,” and/or “guests,” the following individuals are being referenced: those reserving lodging, attending an event, or otherwise occupying the premises with authorized approval by the Owners. Special Interest Groups will be referred to using the acronym “SIG.” The Terms of Service will be referred to using the acronym “TOS.”


All individuals on the premises of the venue without prior approval are considered trespassing and will incur at minimum forcible removal by law enforcement or further legal recourse.

This Terms of Service is subject to change, incur additions, and/or be amended in any way, shape, or form at the sole discretion of the Owners of The Index without notice. All on premises are subject to these changes, additions, and/or amendments, and it is the sole responsibility of guests and/or clients to review the TOS in totality prior to being on premises in order to ensure compliance.

The Index’s Statement of Intent

The Index is a private property lodging venue whose operational goals include: 1) offering a luxury, niche, and empowering venue to those in alternative adult communities, and 2) existing as a location of security and sanctuary for liberated self expression, including but not limited to the expression of sexual, spiritual, and cerebral intimacy. The Index is a for-profit LLC through which the Owners draw income as its stewards and caretakers.

While we align with the ideology of humanity being liberated and free from the architecture of hierarchy, we do believe that effective decision making requires a clear understanding of hierarchical needs in order to best serve intent.


Our hierarchy of our actionable goals is as follows:

  1. To offer a risk-mitigated, accessible, anti-racist, sociopolitically aware venue where empowered, kink-positive self expression is permitted and celebrated.

  2. To draw profit and a salary in order to maintain the ongoing availability of the venue itself and ensure it exists for the future. This will support the Owners as caretakers, allowing them to focus on innovation and education within the community with less fear of financial repercussions.

  3. To empower the engagement in consensual, risk-mitigated practices of all who are on the premises.

  4. To offer a decentralized option for community, where leadership does not insert authority or control over expression in intimate settings and only acts as monitors of the venue’s policies and guidelines.

  5. To transparently offer housing grants to community members and generally give back to our community monetarily.

  6. To expand the reach of The Index as opportunities present themselves and grow our capacity to support and protect those in our membership and in alternative lifestyle communities.

Article I. Founders’ Ethical Conduct

This section covers ethics of the founders/owners of The Index as well as the ethics and conduct expectations of donors, sponsors, and members.

Section 1.01 Founders/Owners Recognition of Power

Sir Luke and His victor, hereafter referred to as the “founders” or “owners,” acknowledge and recognize the power imbalance that occurs given the following conditions of their history and position within community:

  • Higher levels of social capital gained by speaking at events

  • Financial influence through providing sponsorships and supporting events/venues

  • Educational influence through presenting in various North American regions

  • History as titleholders, both individually and as a couple

  • Producing events

  • Demographic privilege

  • Any other perceived and/or quantifiable influence and/or power held


They believe that power imbalances exist in all facets of life and that their ability to move through the world (given the intersections they live in) offers them certain privileges that others are not offered. Further, running a venue is enough by itself to place them in a position of power over guests and those who utilize The Index. 


Section 1.02 The founders will not pursue and/or engage in intimate relationships with guests or clients.

No party shall be pursued for further engagement in romantic, power based, or other form of dynamic or relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, casual pick-up play and intimate relationships that have not been intentionally and substantially considered. Ensuring that consent is present at all interactions is paramount, and creating this barrier helps maintain the presence of authentic consent.

Section 1.03 The founders will not accept tokens in exchange for any operational decisions.

Any form of gifts offered will not hold power over the owners’ agency and autonomy in running Index Retreats LLC. If it is found that gifts of any kind are being offered to coerce, sway, or gain power through the owners, the relationship will be terminated immediately.

Section 1.04 The founders will maintain an accountability team of folks who can receive complaints, accounts, and/or grievances regarding the founders themselves.

These individuals will be associated with the founders, but will maintain both confidentiality and impartiality. Their responsibility is to hear reports and grievances and bring them to the attention of the founders in a reasonable and timely capacity. A detailed process of accountability is listed in Article 8. Accountability, Repercussions, & Response to Incidents.


Section 1.05 The founders will not partner with events, venues, or outside parties that are not in alignment of their ethics.

Any relationships and/or partnerships made with other events, venues, groups, or organizations will be carefully considered to ensure alignment in ethics, goals, expectations, and accountability practices. These relationships will be reciprocal in nature, with the intent of mutual benefit, increased community care and response, and further support of people living in alternative sexuality and lifestyles.

Section 1.06 The founders will diligently respect and honor their position of influence and will not use that influence for intentful malicious harm.

Section 1.07 The founders will maintain accessible forms of communication. Initial contact should be conducted via email ( or using the contact form on our website, with preferences for other forms of contact included in the email/contact form.

Ensuring that the owners are accessible is a priority to increase community comfort and security. All urgent or immediate needs regarding safety and/or health should be directed to law enforcement and/or utilize 911.

Article 2. Financial Ethics

This includes sponsors, donators, members, and all others who contribute financially to the operations of The Index. One-time guests who are not members are excluded from these expectations.

Section 2.01 Major financial contributions will not be exchanged for influence over operations of The Index.

Those who opt to donate or provide major (of amounts over $1000 USD) financial contributions with The Index understand that these contributions are not to be exchanged for influence, power, or decision making within the operations of The Index.


Monetary offerings should only be provided to contribute to furthering the impact The Index can provide in support of the community and continuing to remain in operation. 


Negotiation for advertisement and acknowledgement of such contributions is permissible and will be handled on a case by case basis.


Section 2.02 Any sponsorships, tables, or stations The Index reserves at an event or venue do not signify support, vetting, or otherwise alignment with the venue/event unless explicitly stated.

Our purpose in stationing The Index at certain locations is strictly for the purpose of extending The Index’s reach. The Index will plainly express their support for certain venues, events, or organizations in the case that there is alignment.

Article 3. Business Procedures

Section 3.01 The Index is an LLC and runs as a for-profit business model.

This means that donations and/or contributions provided to The Index are not tax deductible. LLCs are not required to publicize their financial status, and requests to see The Index’s corporate books may be rejected.

Section 3.02 Maintaining financial books and records is the responsibility of the founders and/or any assigned bookkeepers or accountants.

The founders will maintain and keep record of all financial occurrences and responsibilities to ensure the property is sound and well kept.

Article 4. Guest Policies & Procedures

Section 4.01 Guests and clients of The Index will hold Index Retreats LLC harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action which are in any way connected to the voluntary stay at the venue.

Acts between guests within or outside of the venue are solely the responsibility of the guests, including but not limited to bodily violations, bodily harm, harassment, or any other act. Any consequences of those acts are not the liability or responsibility of Index Retreats LLC. Lodging guests will not involve Index Retreats LLC in any form of legal action that may take place in response to an act occurring on the venue premises.

Section 4.02 Guests and clients must be eighteen (18) years of age or older in order to reserve lodging at The Index or be on the premises and will be subject to identity verification prior to their stay.

Lodging guests agree that any additional guests included in the stay at The Index will also be 18 years of age or older. Guests who are assumed to be younger than 18 years of age may be reported to law enforcement due to concerns of human trafficking and exposing minors to adult exclusive content.

Guests may not provide false information with intent to circumnavigate the age and verification requirement. This may result in being blacklisted and disallowed from being on premises for any reason indefinitely or additional legal consequences.


Section 4.03 All parties included in either a lodging or event rental must have consented to being present on the premises and have not been coerced, forced, or otherwise brought against their will to the premises.


Section 4.04 Venue location information of The Index (including the address and other sensitive information regarding the grounds) will only be provided to guests with confirmed, paid for reservations.

The Index is a private residence. Sharing the aforementioned information will be considered a violation of Index Retreats LLC and will be grounds for removal without a refund and further possible legal consequences.


Section 4.05 Cancellations will be conducted through the booking website used to create the reservation (airbnb, VRBO, or misterbnb). Cancellations are subject to the terms listed on the aforementioned booking website. Repeated cancellations will result in a client being barred from making further reservations.

Section 4.06 Exchanges of money and financial transactions may not be conducted on the premises.

In order to maintain a barrier between operations of The Index and local ordinances, money is not to be exchanged on the premises for any reason. All transactions will occur off premises in advance of being on premises.


The contactless store at The Index is the only exception to this expectation. All items purchased through the store will utilize a virtually entered credit/debit card or paypal account.


Section 4.07 Guests and clients must adhere to all financial obligations when reserving the rental.

Using fraudulent payment methods (either stolen, out of date, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Unlawful and/or unwarranted chargebacks or other financial claims will result in being barred from making future reservations. 


Section 4.08 The Index can accommodate up to eight (8) guests for lodging rentals. Anything beyond eight (8) guests will be considered an event rental, and the client will be expected to schedule the event utilizing the procedures detailed in Article 7. Event Agreements & Expectations.


Section 4.09 Guests may check in, starting at 4:00 pm, at any point for the duration of their lodging rental. However, all guests must vacate the premises prior to 11:00 am at the end of their reserved rental.

Guests who do not vacate the premises prior to 11:00 am at the end of their reserved rental will be considered trespassing and incur legal recourse, at minimum being forcibly removed by local authorities.


Guests who opt to extend their lodging rental must utilize The Index’s hosting sites, ensuring that the date desired is not already reserved by another party. In the case of extending the reservation, guests must notify the Owners of The Index of their extension to prevent interruption in their stay. In the case that the Owners are not notified, additional cleaning fees may be incurred if cleaning staff has been utilized.


Section 4.10 Attire must comply with county ordinances regarding being fully clothed until entering the threshold of the venue. (Ord. No. 92-31, § 1, 9-29-92)


Section 4.11 Any damage to the premises, equipment on the premises, or other forms of misuse of the property will incur additional charges to the guest’s account.

Any items removed from the premises will be charged to the guest’s account at a rate of four (4) times the retail value, including but not limited to sheets, towels, gear, etc. Items that are removed, defaced, damaged, or destroyed will be charged to the guest’s account, including the value of the item, the cost to acquire a replacement, rentals canceled due to items being unavailable, and more. 

Plumbing, heating/cooling, or other issues that arise due to misuse of the premises which require outsourcing of labor will be charged to the guest’s account.

Section 4.12 Guests must maintain a volume/decibel level that is not disturbing or offensive to surrounding residents (especially during times after 9:00 pm until 6:00 am). (Ord. No. 14-030, § 3, 7-8-14; Ord. No. 18-024, § 2, 5-1-18)


Section 4.13 The presence, use, or threat of use of firearms or other weapons with the intent and/or desire to cause fear, panic, or other disruptive environments and/or enact violent crime is strictly prohibited.


Section 4.14 The property may not and will not be used for any kind of drug dealing activity, illegal drug use and consumption, money laundering operations, organized crime, prostitution, human trafficking, or any illegal activity.


Section 4.15 Guests are not permitted to store/keep/handle on premises any dangerous, combustible, or explosive items, or materials with such characteristics, or materials which could unreasonably raise the probability, risk or danger of a fire, or materials that are considered dangerous or highly dangerous by the responsible insurance agencies


Section 4.16 Animals/pets of any kind are not permitted on premises.

Any individual who brings a pet animal on premises will have their reservation and rights to the venue revoked, without refund, and will be charged additional cleaning and damages fees. The guest will be required to vacate the premises immediately and will be held liable financially for any damages caused by said pet(s).


Guests with service dogs will require prior approval by the Owners to verify the service dog’s role/job. The guest will be held liable financially for any damages caused by said service dog(s).


Section 4.17 The Index is not responsible at any time for any items left or forgotten in any part of the venue. If such items/belongings are found, returns will be held at our office or returned to the guest at cost plus an additional handling fee. 


Section 4.18 The Index is not responsible or liable for any guest’s personal property present on the premises. All guests’ personal property shall be at the risk of the guest. The Index shall not be liable for any damage to said personal property of the guest arising from criminal acts, fire, storm, flood, rain, or wind damage, acts of negligence by any person, or from the bursting or leaking of water pipes.


Section 4.19 There are security cameras positioned at the entry points to the venue to maintain security monitored by The Owners and reported to law enforcement in the case of unverified entering. There are not any security cameras located within the venue itself. Guests will not be monitored by the Owners except for verification purposes.

Section 4.20 Reservations do not guarantee any experience, interaction, service, or materials/merchandise while on The Index premises. 

This includes, but is not limited to, an exchange of services or acts that may be considered sexual in nature. This also includes the paying or exchange of funds for said acts onsite at the premises of the venue (which is prohibited and can result in legal action or a human trafficking report being conducted).

Section 4.21 In the case of The Index being unable to provide accommodation to prior approved guests, The Index will provide a full refund.

The responsibility of The Index to provide guests with lodging starts when the guest checks into the premises and ends at the designated checkout time.

Section 4.22 The Index reserves the right of entry in cases of emergency, including but not limited to furniture inspection, plumbing issues, appliance issues, or other functions of the venue. 

In the case of needing to hire a service, authorized repair employees may enter the premises during customary business hours for any purpose related to the repair, care, improvement, and management of the premises.

Section 4.23 The Index reserves the right to refuse accommodations to any guest for any reason.

Article 5. Venue Utilization Guide

The indoor space of the venue features four (4) bedrooms (The Alley, The Temple, The Holo Room, and The Greenhouse), one (1) living room, one (1) dining room, two (2) bathrooms, one (1) kitchen, one (1) laundry room, and one (1) contactless shop. The outdoor space of the venue features four (4) sitting decks, one (1) screened meditation deck, one (1) covered lounge, one (1) pool, and one (1) jetted spa. 

Section 5.01 Parking is permitted in the driveway and carport of the property. Only bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles, and other forms of small transportation methods are permitted on premises. Motor homes, boat trailers, and other forms of large vehicles are not permitted.

Section 5.02 All codes and keys required to access the venue will be provided upon arrival either digitally or in person. Keys to bedrooms will be placed in a central location, and must be returned upon departure.

Section 5.03 Keeping the property secure in the case of not being on premises is the responsibility of the guest, and any damages or theft incurred by not adequately securing the property will be charged to the guest’s account.

Section 5.04 Wifi internet and some streaming services are included with every reservation. Any additional charges incurred during the duration of the guest’s stay will be charged to the guest’s account.

Section 5.05 Smoking is permitted in any of the outdoor spaces available, but is not permitted indoors (including but not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, cigars, blunts, etc.).

Remnants of smoked substances must be appropriately disposed of in the ash receptacles. Any legal recourse taken by authorities due to the illegal use of any substances is not the responsibility of Index Retreats LLC.


Section 5.06 Guests must utilize appropriate receptacles for disposing of waste, provided throughout the premises. 

This includes general waste, medical supplies, menstrual products, biohazard, and other forms of waste. Any form of waste that is disposed of in toilets or bathing areas that is not intended for those areas will incur additional charges to the guest equivalent to the charge of outsourcing the plumbing labor and any canceled upcoming reservations.


Section 5.07 General cleanliness is expected of all guests. Any extensive cleanup that is required post lodging reservation or event will incur additional cleaning fees. 

The following are recommendations to maintain cleanliness and sanitation throughout the venue:

  • SplashBlankets are provided to all guests for setting on soft surfaces in order to maintain cleanliness throughout the venue. These SplashBlankets can be utilized for messier forms of play and sex and are intended for that purpose.

  • Laundry baskets are provided in each of the bedrooms and are intended for soiled linens. Replacement linens are available to guests upon request. 


Section 5.08 Swimming in the pool or hot tub are at the guest’s own risk. Lifeguards are not on duty at any point.

We recommend leaving the cover on the hot tub when not in use to maintain a higher temperature. Uncovering the hot tub for extended periods of time will drastically lower the temperature.


The deepest part of the pool has a depth of 7.5 feet. We recommend only experienced swimmers utilize this area of the pool, and those with less experience/competence utilize the shallower ends of the pool.


Section 5.09 The entire venue is designed with intimacy, play, and exploration in mind, and there are provided amenities in each section for guests/clients to use. Below is the breakdown of each of these areas of The Index and their amenities.

5.09.01 Each bedroom includes a bed, drawers and/or shelving for clothing, one piece of dungeon furniture, one summer SplashBlanket, kink gear (two (2) silicone collars, silicone wrist and ankle cuffs, silicone flogger, silicone dragon tongue, silicone paddle, acrylic rope, silicone ball gag, silicone bit gag, silicone o-gag, resin paddle, safety shears), and a laundry basket for soiled linens. The Alley and The Greenhouse feature DungeonBeds as their beds, which are suspendable on the rails (not on the tie points).

5.09.02 The living room includes a sectional sofa, a basket of four (4) double velux SplashBlankets, a 75” Samsung television, Samsung soundbar, four (4) hard points for suspension in the ceiling beams.

5.09.03 The dining room features one dining table and eight (8) dining chairs, a 42” Samsung television, The Index Leather, Kink, and LGBTQIA+ Library, eight (8) hard points for suspension in the ceiling beams.

5.09.04 The meditation deck features four (4) hard points. The observation lounge features three (3) hard points. All outdoor spaces have an ash receptacle, glass ashtrays, and small trash cans.


Section 5.10 Merchandise and goods purchased from the Contactless Shop must be paid for in full before retrieving the item.

Any chargebacks, incomplete payment, or otherwise fraudulently completed transactions to gain access to merchandise in the Contactless Shop will be subject to criminal charges of theft and be barred access from The Index indefinitely.


Section 5.11 Any harm (including, but not limited to, bodily injury, mental injury, dismemberment, or death) caused by use or misuse of equipment or amenities while on the premises will be the responsibility of the guest, and guests agree that Index Retreats LLC will not be liable or subject to litigation in such cases.

Guests who have questions and/or concerns regarding equipment provided at the venue for use may reference the digital library of content for education purposes.

Article 6. Member Expectations, Conduct, & Guidelines

Membership is a curated community of individuals, rich in alternative lifestyle communities (including but not limited to kink, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, historic reenactment, cosplay, and/or merfolk). All information regarding membership tiers and what is included is detailed within our Membership Information and Membership Tiers.

Personal identification information of members is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any party for any reason (except in the case of being required by law enforcement due to an ongoing investigation of the member and their actions at The Index, examples including to rape, violent crime, etc.).

Noncompliance with any member expectations may be cause for immediate removal from membership and further legal recourse.


Section 6.01 All members, regardless of tier, must adhere to Article 4. Guest Policies & Procedures and Article 5. Venue Utilization Guide.


Section 6.02 Individuals seeking membership do not have the intent of undermining, spying, or otherwise deceiving the Owners, other members, or anyone on the premises.


Section 6.03 Those who are in the employment or under direction of law enforcement, media publication, government, news reporting, or other form of public service where law is incorporated, are seeking membership off duty and will not be on premises in a working capacity.

Submitting, publishing, or utilizing any form of media taken on premises for public use without the approval of the Owners is seen as a serious violation of The Index’s ethics.


Section 6.04 In order to become a member, filling out the Membership Application in totality with transparency and truthfulness is required.

The membership application will be reviewed in a timely manner by the Owners on a case by case basis. This is a subjective process, and no person is entitled to membership for any reason.


Membership shall be determined without regard for ethnicity, race, color, gender, natal anatomy, outward presentation, religious or political alignment, immigration status, romantic/sexual orientation, ability/disability, or any other form of personal identifier not related to the ethics and values of The Index.


Section 6.05 Any form of felony convictions must be disclosed within the membership application. Members must not maintain current, ongoing, or pending charges of hate crimes, assault, sexual assault, or other violent crimes (such as arson, armed robbery, spousal abuse, ect.).

The Index will not be involved in ongoing litigation and/or investigation for any member, regardless of situation. In the case that they will be needed to testify, the Owners of The Index will speak on behalf of themselves as citizens and not Index Retreats LLC.


Section 6.06 Members must financially maintain their yearly or monthly dues to retain membership, which will be valid for up to one (1) year upon becoming a member. Renewal is subject to approval by the Owners, and the Terms of Service must be signed yearly to ensure compliance.

Section 6.07 In addition to the care of the venue outlined in Article 4. Guest Policies & Procedures and Article 5. Venue Utilization Guide, members are expected to respect and treat the venue with care and diligence beyond what is expected of a typical guest or client.

This includes notifying the Owners if something breaks or is damaged immediately (and possibly covering the costs if the cause was by the member), cleaning up after oneself, taking out trash or notifying the Owners if there is a trash overflow, notifying the Owners if there is a lack of supplies, etc. The Index should be treated as a second home by members, without requiring the Owners to do additional labor on behalf of members (especially on Library Days).


Section 6.08 Discriminatory ideologies, words, phrases, or other verbiage that other, shame, or degrade members or individuals in the community because of their personal demographics (race, color, disability, ability, intellect, class, religion, gender, orientation, etc.) or their demographics within kink (side of the slash, fetish, etc.) will not be tolerated.

This includes but is not limited to micro- and macroagressions.


In the case of lack of education, ignorance, or otherwise misunderstanding, the Owners may opt to require a member to engage in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training at the member’s own expense in order to retain membership.


Section 6.09 Members must be respectful of scheduled times and will arrive no more than 15 minutes early to any operational hours of The Index (without prior approval from the Owners) and leave no later than when the doors officially close.


Section 6.10 Intimate contact, touch, and/or play (including but not limited to hugging/embrace, scenes, sex, or other form of activity where bodily contact occurs) is never guaranteed, expected, or required from anyone or anything at any time. 


Section 6.11 Authentic consent is required for all parties participating in an activity (scene, play, or other form of intimacy or engagement). 

Consent follows two models: 1) opt-in, or 2) opt-out. 


“Opt-in” refers to the act of agreeing to specific activities. This implies that anything outside of the boundaries of what has been agreed to is strictly off limits and off the table for utilizing during the engagement. Crossing those boundaries is considered a violation of consent.


“Opt-out” refers to the act of disallowing specific activities, while all other activities are permitted within an agreed upon framework. This implies that only the specific activities must be avoided during the engagement. Crossing those boundaries is considered a violation of consent.


The consent modality chosen is to be understood, clearly communicated, and agreed upon by all parties prior to participating in an activity. Consent may be given via written, verbal, signed, or other form of accessible communication.


Section 6.12 Touching, stealing, or otherwise interacting physically with others’ belongings (including but not limited to clothing, hair, kink gear, people, etc.) is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of bodily/ownership autonomy.


Section 6.13 Consent violations, regardless of severity, are taken as a serious incident that will be processed through our accountability process (outlined in Article 8. Accountability, Repercussions, & Response to Incidents).


Section 6.14 Members may not share the venue’s and/or other members’ sensitive information, including but not limited to exact location, legal name, photographs including the face or other identifiable information, or personal contact information.

In lieu of this, members may not out (either intentionally or unintentionally) the Owners, other members, or other permitted guests on premises. 


Privacy is a cornerstone of The Index’s mission, and all members are expected to respect the privacy and discretion of others in the venue. The following are considered forms of outing. 

6.14.01 Taking, posting, or sending photos of others in the venue without explicit consent to any form of social media or via any form of communication method.

6.14.02 Sharing anecdotes or experiences via any form of media without explicit consent.

6.14.03 Utilizing personal information to defame or otherwise implicate others in the venue to their workplace, families, or others who may be able to commit harm with the aforementioned information.

Reporting incidents of violation, assault, or other safety concerns/issues may be an exception.


Section 6.15 Members may not encourage or aid in bringing unverified people onto the premises who are not members or who do not have explicit permission from the Owners to be on premises. This includes forcing or coercing others against their will to be on premises.

Section 6.16 Respect and acceptance of others who 1) utilize various dynamic protocols, 2) engage in various levels of power imbalance, or 3) approach kink and/or alternative lifestyles in various ways is expected.

Section 6.17 Members may not provide their vouchers (discounted or free) for lodging reservations to any person. The member must be the person creating the reservation in order to utilize the voucher.


Section 6.18 Concerns of any nature (including but not limited to issues with other members, the venue itself, or the Owners) must be directly addressed with the Owners of The Index or their accountability team. In the case that security and/or safety is not present or conducive to direct conversation, members may opt to utilize the steps within Article 8. Accountability, Repercussions, & Response to Incidents.


Library Days

Library Days were created to address the community need for a venue where alcohol, play, and other forms of intimacy were not central to the experience or accessing the venue. Library Days provide members access to The Index's facilities (excluding the play rooms), and may include activities like discussion groups, crafts, movie nights, or other experiences that do not include play or sex (as defined in Article 7.03 Play, Sex, Intimacy, & Other Forms of Engagement). 


Members can enjoy coffee and light refreshments while perusing our books and historical documents, swim in the mermaid pool or lounge on the decks, and engage in enthralling conversation with other members. Members who engage in restricted activities during Library Days will have their membership revoked and may be indefinitely barred from further membership opportunities.

Article 7. Event Agreements & Expectations

Article 7.01 General Event Agreements & Expectations

Section 7.01.01 All event hosts, guests, and other personnel must adhere to Article 4. Guest Policies & Procedures and Article 5. Venue Utilization Guide.


Section 7.01.02 All event hosts must use our baseline attendee-end documents for registration of the event (listed in Article 7.02 Index-Hosted Events).These general event agreements may not be altered in any way, shape, or form, but additional agreements, expectations, or requirements may be added or supplemented. 


Section 7.01.03 Two (2) one-and-a-half (1.5) hour maximum consultations (detailed below) between the Owners and the client are included in the quote for an event.

The first consultation will be considered a pre-consultation and will cover expectations, agreements, and needs of the client. The second consultation will be no less than 30 days prior to the event, only to be completed once full payment is made for the event.


Additional consultations requested by the client will incur an hourly surcharge to be added onto the negotiated event quote of a minimum of $50 USD / hour.


Section 7.01.04 One (1) final walkthrough between the Owners and the client will be completed at the start of the setup of the event.


Section 7.01.05 Alterations to event contracts are considered renegotiations and will (at minimum) incur additional fees starting at $100 USD. Change orders may also result in a contract being canceled without refund, regardless of the current balance on the client account.


Section 7.01.06 Event pricing starts at two and a half times (2.5x) the base current nightly lodging rental rate, but quotes will be determined by the Owners based on numerous factors (including but not limited to size of event, nature of event, modification to layout, etc.).

Events under fifty (50) individuals start at 2.5x the member rate for the duration of the time allotted for the event. Events with more than fifty (50) individuals start at 2.5x the external rate for the duration of the time allotted for the event.


Section 7.01.07 Clients may begin setup of the venue at 10:00 am on the first day of the negotiated event rental. Clients must vacate the premises by 11:00 am on the last day of the negotiated event rental.

Additional cleanup that is needed and is not complete by clients will incur additional fees up to and including the revenue from any missed reservations due to deep cleaning needed.


Section 7.01.08 Clients may request numerous furniture configurations for the venue and customize certain lighting located throughout the venue.

The following may be adjusted depending on the client’s desires: 1) dungeon equipment setup in each of the rooms to unique specifications; 2) additional dungeon equipment in the private outdoor lounge; 3) suspension rings in the living room, dining room, and meditation deck; 4) play sheets available on the beds; and 5) dining table locations.


Section 7.01.09 Payments for the event must be spread among five (5) separate, equivalent payments. Full payment is required no less than ninety (90) days prior to the start of the event.


Section 7.01.10 The first payment is considered the deposit for the event and is nonrefundable. Refunds on the remaining balance will be provided up to ninety (90) days prior to the start of the event, minus any additional fees incurred (including but not limited to additional consultation, renegotiations, etc.).


Section 7.01.11 Client must close registration (in the case of utilizing the venue for a ticketed event) for the event no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event start date. Guests may not register onsite for any purpose whatsoever.


Section 7.01.12 Guests attending the event may not receive the address to the venue until after registration for the event has closed or two (2) weeks prior to the event start date in the case where registration is not occurring.

Guests may receive the following information to have a general understanding of where The Index is located: “The Index is located in Winter Haven, FL, equidistant from Tampa and Orlando International Airports, in close proximity to Legoland and Bok Tower Gardens.”


Section 7.01.13 Client must conduct on-site age verification (to match identification provided with the guest’s registration) for all guests prior to permitting access to the premises beyond the courtyard.


Section 7.01.14 Event guests are not required to become members of The Index. However, in the case that a guest registering is not a member, there will be an additional surcharge to any ticketed price in order to ensure compliance with local ordinances for non-members.


Section 7.01.15 Client is responsible for the conduct of their event attendees.

This includes but is not limited to holding attendees accountable to Article 4. Guest Policies & Procedures and Article 5. Venue Utilization Guide. In the case where attendees of an event are not held accountable to Articles 4 and 5, the event host may be barred from hosting future events.


Section 7.01.16 Client is responsible for securing external vendors (i.e. additional seating/furniture rentals, catering, bartending, performers, etc.). The Index will not negotiate with or secure any external vendors.

Clients who opt to collaborate with the Owners of The Index for event planning, securing external vendors, or other needs that extend beyond the boundaries of being provided the venue will be required to utilize the Owners’ event consultation process through We Won’t Come Quietly LLC.


Section 7.01.17 Advertisement and marketing of the client-hosted event is the responsibility of the client alone. The Index Owners will not market events except of their own volition and desire.


Section 7.01.18 Communication regarding events will be conducted via email utilizing during our business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm). Any communication that is not documented will not be added to the client’s event account and will not be considered admissible in a court of law.


Article 7.02 Index-Hosted Event Agreements

The Index utilizes two (2) documents, the Event Attendee Agreement & Liability Waiver and Event Expectations & Guidelines, to be signed by event attendees through forms on Cognito. All updates to those documents will be made on the documents directly and will be considered current and updated at the time of publication of this TOS.


Article 7.03 Play, Sex, Intimacy, & Other Forms of Engagement

While not every event hosted at The Index will include intimate bodily contact or other forms of play, those that do must understand and adhere to the below information, expectations, and conduct. Any individual on premises who violates these expectations and understandings will be removed from the event and may not be permitted to return to subsequent days of the event (without refund).

Section 7.03.01 Activities on premises during an event may include adult, explicit acts incorporating kink, sadomasochism, power imbalance/exchange, bondage, impact play, fire play, medical play, edge play, suspension, and more.


Section 7.03.02 There are risks associated with kink, BDSM, and other forms of sexual activities. Harms associated with those risks may be due to possible negligent, reckless, intentional, or unintentional conduct. As such, The Index and the Owners will be held harmless from recourse for these and any other negligent acts.


Section 7.03.03 Identifying one’s personal risk profile prior to engaging in play is encouraged. Because not everyone has the same allowance for risk, identifying prior to engaging in play will allow the experience to be more suited to all participants.


Section 7.03.04 Being in close proximity to those who are playing or while engaging in play may result in coming into contact with bodily fluids either intentionally, unintentionally, or accidentally. 

It is imperative to understand the risks associated with such contact, including but not limited to serious illness and injury. It is encouraged to take steps to mitigate said risks by utilizing frequent testing and barriers. 


Section 7.03.05 Sex is defined as incorporating the following activities listed. 

1) Nude and/or bare genital to genital contact (nude includes the use/wearing of sexual barriers, such as condoms or dams);

2) Nude and/or bare genital to oral contact (nude includes the use/wearing of sexual barriers, such as condoms or dams); and 

3) Manual contact with nude and/or bare genitals (nude includes the use/wearing of sexual barriers, such as condoms or dams; manual includes the use of insertables or external stimulation toys as well as gloved or bare hands, feet, or other limbs).


Section 7.03.06 Health issues, disabilities, or other ailments which may affect the safety or risk involved in an activity should be expressly communicated with all parties involved and are the responsibility of those engaged in the activity. The Index and its Owners are not responsible for any harms associated with the aforementioned cases.


Section 7.03.07 Intentionally entering other guests’ scenes/engagements without explicit consent prior to the scene beginning is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to leering, touching the gear of those engaged, engaging from afar, etc.

Article 8. Accountability, Repercussions, & Response to Incidents

The Index is committed to cultivating and maintaining an environment that is free from bodily violation, discrimination, harassment, and other forms of harmful, violating behavior and/or action. Any guest of The Index, regardless of role, who engages in conduct as previously listed is subject to removal from the premises, without any form of refund or recourse. Reports of the misconduct that has occurred will be investigated promptly and as confidentially as possible by the owners.

The Owners believe that reparations, restoration, and improved behavior are possible for many individuals in our community when given appropriate resources and trust, and when sufficient documentation is kept to ensure that repeats in incidents do not go unnoticed. We aim to keep every stair visible and transparently assessed, while eliminating the breeding ground for missing stairs.

In certain instances, the Owners may bypass the following process entirely and opt to remove a guest without investigation.


Our process is procedural and well-defined, with minimal variation (unless determined to be a necessity). This process will not be accessible to the public, because we believe that putting a price on rape is reprehensible, and that transparently stating processes involved in accountability makes it easier for those who seek to repeat harm to determine if the price is worth the act. In lieu of this, our reporting procedures will be the only part of our documentation that will be accessible to the public.


Section 8.01 Reporting an Incident

Anyone on the premises may opt to inform the owners of an incident that has occurred using one of the following methods: 1) sending an email to the owners at; 2) filling out the Concerns, Issues, & Violations form; 3) filling out the Owner Concerns, Issues, & Violations form; or 4) speaking with the owners in person. 

Reports must be made by those involved in the incident itself (i.e. the victim or person on the receiving end of the incident, or the person who has acted out of alignment with our ethics and is self-reporting). While third parties may make reports, these reports may not be actionable without input of the first-party individuals.

Reports must include the following information: 1) nature of infraction; 2) description of the occurrence, with specific and transparent detail; 3) timeline of events, including location; 4) individuals involved (including third parties); and 5) how/if contact for further clarity is necessary to complete an investigation into the incident.

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