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why become a member?

We offer an elite, limited membership to gain access to special events and areas of The Index that general guests will not be permitted to view. 

Members can pay their membership dues on a monthly or yearly basis. Each membership is valid for one year, pending renewal for the following year.

Members have access to the following perks:

  • Inclusive & exclusive group meetup space;

  • Two (2) exclusive areas of The Index;

  • Library hours; and

  • Member-only parties.

In addition to these perks, you will be a contributing part of making The Index successful, the first of its kind, revolutionary venue run by folks who exist at the intersection of many marginalized identities currently under attack.

Note: The Index will never expect, guarantee, or require sex or play of its members.

Member-exclusive events (classes, socials, dungeon time).

We are a members-only venue for events, classes, and other activities that we (or our hosting members) host. Annual membership fees apply for all membership levels and can be split into monthly payments with no additional cost. Members are allowed access to low or no cost social events and fairly priced play and educational experiences. Such events are not open to the public or non-members.

Renting the venue for regular lodging is still permitted to non-members.


A standard code of conduct for all members.

To become a member, you are required to agree to our code of conduct, discretion documents, and terms of service. Members are also expected to keep their monthly dues current if choosing the monthly payment plan, and treat the venue with care and diligence so that we can maintain it for years to come.


Host members can host special interest groups and events.

For vetted members who would like to host their own events, we have a Host membership tier. Special interest groups that are inclusive (allowing anyone) or exclusive (only allowing certain folks) are acceptable, provided they fit within our code of conduct and our ethics documents. Hosts can create additional codes of conduct or protocols in addition to our baseline expectations for The Index, but may not remove any of our baseline expectations.


Members can shape available offerings.

All core decisions surround operations of The Index will be made by the owners (Sir Luke and His victor). However, members will be periodically solicited for what they would like to see and engage with, and what days/times best suit their needs so that our offerings are accessible.

Choosing this format maintains that our decision making process is efficient and in the best interest of the venue and its guests. 

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