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How to

Become a Member of The Index

step 01

We offer all of our prospective members full transparency and comprehensive communication. In lieu of this, reading through Article 6 of our TOS provides you with the information you need to have an affirming, equitable experience at The Index.

step 02

We follow a multi-tiered processing procedure to vet our members by checking references, ensuring alignment to our standards of ethics, and checking registered sex offender registries. Your application provides us with the insight we need to make an informed decision about your compatibility with our culture.

step 03

Now it's time to choose the tier that works best for you. We have monthly or yearly payment plans for each of our tiers (Library, Silver, and Gold). There is no right or wrong answer, so choose what works best for you budget and your uses of The Index.

why become a member?

Memberships support the mission¹ of The Index while covering a portion of our operating costs so that we are able to offer member-only social hours and various events without additional cost (beyond membership dues). Members have the option to pay membership dues on a monthly or yearly basis. Each membership is valid for one year and may be renewed (pending review by the Owners).

All members, regardless of tier, gain the following perks:

  • Library day access;

  • Index-hosted event access;

  • Discounted rates for Index rentals; and

  • Steeply discounted last-minute Index rentals.


Choose your level of interaction with The Index from our various tiers, at a cost that fits your budget. We expect that our members maintain their monthly dues (if on the monthly payment plan) and treat the venue with care so that we can maintain The Index as an elysium for years to come.​

The Index reserves the right to make changes to membership perks as needed at any time. We will endeavor to not do so at additional cost to members or without notice. 

¹ The Index is a rental lodging venue founded to intentionally provide stable income and ongoing, generous support to our peers in the kink, LGBTQIA+, and alternative lifestyle communities. Operational goals of The Index include: 1) offering a safe, specific, and empowering venue to our community, and 2) existing as a location of security and sanctuary for self expression during adversity.

A standard code of conduct for all members.

Members are required to agree to our code of conduct, ethics, and terms of service. This ensures a standard set of expectations that is proactive and transparently defined, creating space for both accountability and immediate response to concerns.


Member-exclusive events (classes, socials, dungeon time, and more).

Our members have access to various Index-hosted events. The number of events offered by The Index scales directly to the number of memberships during the current fiscal year (we will always guarantee a minimum of two (2) scheduled Library Days per month).

Library Days 

Library Days provide members access to The Index's facilities (excluding the play rooms), and may include activities like discussion groups, crafts, movie nights, or other experiences that do not include play or sex. Enjoy coffee and light refreshments as you peruse our books and historical documents, swim in the mermaid pool or lounge on the decks, and engage in enthralling conversations with other members.


Scheduled educational opportunities, presentations, intensives, or other events/activities hosted by The Index will be made available at intermittent times, with ticket prices that support both the featured individuals (presenters or speakers) and the venue.


Facilitator members can host special interest groups and events.

Members can achieve a designation of Facilitator on their membership account, allowing them to host discussions, special interest groups (inclusive or exclusive), or support groups at The Index on a first scheduled, first served basis. Facilitators can create expectations or protocols that are additional to our baseline expectations for The Index, but may not remove any of our baseline expectations. Our facilitators will be vetted and routinely observed/audited to maintain quality assurance and alignment with The Index’s ongoing goals. 


Special interest groups (SIG) that are inclusive (open to any demographic) or exclusive (open to specific demographics) are acceptable, provided they fit within our code of conduct, ethics, and terms of service. Any SIG that includes activities outside of the acceptable bounds of Library Days may be asked to book The Index as a rental.


Members shape available offerings.

While all core decisions surrounding operations of The Index will be made by the Owners (Sir Luke and His victor), our members will be periodically solicited for what they would like to see and engage with. We will also routinely send polling to solicit what days/times best suit our members’ needs so that our offerings are accessible.

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