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We are each the eyes and hands and lips of the gods, and in touching each other, we experience our infinite variety and particularity, as well as the underlying life force that joins us and makes us one.

Christine Hoff Kraemer (Eros and Touch From a Pagan Perspective, 2014)

The cover and collar are two symbols of power, authority, control, deference, and the positioning of the two is intentional: the cover over the collar displays the cover's role, not only above the collar, but surrounding it and leading it. As two people who are steeped in intentionally imbalanced relationship dynamics, we agreed that ritual needed to be incorporated into the creation of The Index: ritual for those in the same style of relationships we engage in, who indulge in transcendental experiences through body work, or who need a grounded environment to obtain release.

ceremonial celebrations & events

celebrate your wedding, collaring ceremony, covering ceremony, other earned leather ceremony, or party at The Index

cleansing rituals

immerse yourself and your spirit among the expansive outdoors, connecting with fire, earth, and the natural elements, engaging in sacred acts

hook pulls & transcendental experiences

suspend over open ground, share blood & flesh in the lush environment where the only sounds are your breath and nature

elevated protocol & service oriented events

outfitted with enough dining space to accommodate a 16 seater dining table, you can indulge in elevated protocol & service

write your own rules

Private, discreet, and adaptable spaces mean you can write your own rules during your stay. We empower you to experiment, develop, and explore rituals, ceremonies, and other structured experiences on your own timeline that suit your needs, desires, and abilities. Why cater to the outside world? When you're here, you create the rules.

space to honor

space to grieve

space to heal

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