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Rooftop Deck & Mermaid Pool

Vacation awaits

rates starting at $260 
for two guests per night

For two guests, you can enjoy the entire venue, all to yourselves, for a romantic getaway for two. A bedroom (one of our Room Immersions) of your choice will be unlocked, the keys in your hands, and the remaining rooms will be off limits. The base rate for booking a lodging rental for two includes:

> Private use of the facility from 4:00 PM check-in to 11:00 AM check-out

​> Choice of one (1) bedroom / play room (1 - 2 guests)

> All of our facility amenities, including full kitchen, Samsung televisions, Sonos speakers throughout, SplashBlankets, Washer/Dryer, and more

Note: Prices vary by day of the week.


want to explore more rooms?
enjoying with friends?

each additional room is only $65

You can choose between one (1) and four (4) of our Room Immersions, electing for whichever room(s) you feel most compelled to explore and experience during your stay. Each additional room will add $65 onto the base rate of your stay.

> Two rooms starting at $325 per night

> Three rooms starting at $390 per night

> All four rooms starting at $455 per night

Note: Prices vary by day of the week. Maximum two (2) guests per room, with a maximum occupancy of eight (8) guests for your stay.


vacation rental rates

For overnight guests. 4:00 pm check-in, 11:00 am check-out. Base rate includes choice of one bedroom / room immersion and private use of all other facilities on the premises (excluding the library). Base rate includes lodging for two (2) adults.

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