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When we pleasure ourselves, what goes into or comes out of our body is entirely within our control; we can touch, pull, contort, and adore every part of ourselves without any consideration of what another person may be thinking or feeling.

Zoe Schramm-Evans (Making Out: The Book of Lesbian Sex and Sexuality, 1995)

Is there any more iconic imagery than the St. Andrew's Cross for kink? Not only will the St. Andrew's Cross be one of the featured pieces of equipment at The Index, we chose it as the representation of our third pillar: intimacy. While we don't require, expect, or promise that intimacy be the experience you have, we created our venue with those possibilities intentionally allocated throughout.

outfitted with $50,000
dungeon equipment suite

Indulge your desires on dungeon equipment that is durable and intuitive, created by Fedora Fabrications. Each room has its own color story and theme, and the dungeon furniture is no exception. Outfitted with hard points and varying setup options, the Mark II Elite is an incredible show stopping piece of furniture. Two bedrooms will also include custom beds built by DungeonBeds, suspension and tie down ready.

themed bedrooms for the diverse tastes of many

Our four themes: Alley, Temple, Greenhouse, and Holodeck, were designed for the diverse & varying interests of our guests

Fedora Fabrications dungeon furniture in each bedroom

featured in each bedroom is the Mark II Elite, a show stopping piece of dungeon furniture that can be transformed into multiple configurations

DungeonBeds beds in two bedrooms, suspension ready

tied down, tied up, suspended, or romanced, DungeonBeds customized two beds for The Index to be used to their full potential 

White Structure

sanitizable gear to use during your stay

play with an array of provided sanitizable, body-safe toys and gear, hand-chosen by a professional toy reviewer & tester

mood lighting & surround sound

Customize your experience to suit your desires with customizable lighting in and bluetooth compatible sound systems in each bedroom. Connect with ease to enjoy a holistic experience that envelops all of the senses.

solid surfaces for sanitation

Spend more time focusing on what you need and less on unnecessary distractions as you indulge your carnal desires. Solid surfaces and nonporous materials are utilized throughout The Index, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your experience is sanitary. Areas that are not solid or nonporous will be steamed to ensure cleanliness. Why worry about who was there before you or what they did? Your stay at The Index is all about you.

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