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In the midst of an epidemic, when the losses at times feel staggering, to be able to walk into a magazine shop and pick up a positive image of sex that it isn't all about grief and loss - I think that's an incredible gift.

Wickie Stamps (Interview in Skipping the Life Fantastic 1996)

Books are not where all education is gained, but they are how our society records history, data, and knowledge. When our culture is threatened by those who would see to ending educational pursuits that are not filtered, the first line of attack is our books. Take them away, and we lose our recorded knowledge. A simple, open book with pages being flipped was chosen to represent how The Index will incorporate education into its model. The Index celebrates and welcomes education while providing a venue where there isn't an uncomfortable conference chair in sight or hotel requirements to disallow activities.

equipped for synchronous learning

Whether you engage in in-person experiences or stream classes online, The Index is technologically equipped for synchronous learning experiences. Included is a large television in the living room with the ability to mirror-cast content and plenty of room for attendees of classes to spread out. Whether you're an educator or a participant, educational experiences at The Index will be unique and intimate.

host your own experience

Educators who opt to self-host will be required to meet certain criteria (more information coming soon) and have their content vetted through us. We are open to conversation with all educators, event producers, and folks in positions of leadership in the community to host educational experiences at The Index.

One or Two-Hour Long Classes

Workshops, demos, classes, and presentations can be hosted at The Index by educators. The owners will also be hosting classes sporadically.

Multi Day Intensives

Extended intensives (experiences spanning multiple days) are available to educators and producers of events.

Intimate Retreats

Bodily/autonomy affirming weekends, transformative relationship retreats, and intensives specifically designed for smaller groups.

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