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Sir Luke & His victor

are you ready to go Deepr?

You are invited to DEEPR, a series of immersive retreats where you will embark on a journey with either three other relational groups or individuals of adjacent role. You will enjoy a private stay in one of our Room Immersions at The Index for the duration of DEEPR (either four or seven nights). 


DEEPR is a contained program of individual and group-based educational and consultation experiences curated to delve into your identity, role, relationship, dynamic, and practical skillset.

Sir Luke & His victor (hand on shoulder)

What is deepr?

Dynamic Exploration & Experiential Power Retreat

As you and others in your cohort stay at The Index, you will have the opportunity to indulge in our many amenities on the premises, reconnect with your purpose and passions, and explore new ways of engaging in power, authority, control, service, and intimacy that will send you home rejuvenated.

Throughout the week, you will engage with your mentors, Luke and victor, in a series of group educational experiences and presentations as well as private consultation sessions. They understand that in environments where learning, growth, and self discovery occur, our nervous systems can become dysregulated and internal tensions can arise. Luke and victor will facilitate the navigation of these sensations while empowering you to opt out of experiences when you feel you need to. 

Read more about your mentors.

What's Included

  • Four-Day or Week-Long lodging at The Index (private bedroom for your party, either individual or partnered groups)

  • Access to all of The Index’s facilities and amenities

  • Two (2) joint relationship consultation sessions with both Luke and victor

  • One-on-one sessions with both Luke and victor for each participant 

  • Thirteen (13) educational sessions*

  • Our guided workbook

  • Welcome gift

  • Two (2) formal dinners

  • Continental breakfast items and other light bites available (self-served) throughout the week

​*Note: Scheduling may vary among the different DEEPR series.


Become Part of a Cohort

You will complete an intake form to provide us with insight into your personal history, relationship(s), goals, and interests. After completing our intake form, we will review your answers provided and will appropriately place you into one of our upcoming retreats in order to create cohorts of compatible participants. If the dates of the retreat we have suggested do not work for you, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

We accept individuals into DEEPR who have the desire to deepen their relationship(s) and delve beyond the surface, engaging in introspection and authenticity practices alongside liberated and vulnerable intimacy.


Cultivate Secure Space

You will be expected to adhere to our conduct expectations, but you will not be obligated or required to attend any of the experiences offered throughout the retreat. We have designed the flow of DEEPR to activate vulnerability and embodiment practices. Attending all of our offerings may achieve the highest benefit, but providing you with a safe container to express and communicate boundaries is our priority. While we may encourage you to move through discomfort that surfaces over the course of the week, your autonomy and agency will always be honored.

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pricing structure

Note: Participants may reserve a room of their choice for an additional $150. Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Relational groups with more than three members may request a specialty application by emailing us.

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