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I do not want this community to be an alliance; alliances can be broken. I want it to be a deep, dizzying, expectation-defying love affair.

Carol Queen (Beyond the Valley of the Fag Hags, 1997)

Fire is the oldest symbol of community and progress. From the dawn of time, people have communed around a fire constructed by their own hands, celebrating the ability to create and build while engaging in discourse, conversation, and the simple act of sharing space together. A rudimentary fire was chosen as the symbol for The Index because our venue was curated to cultivate connection and that deep sense of belonging that has long since been a need of the human experience.

sitting around the firepit

enjoying long lasting conversation and quality time among nature, under the trees and starlit sky

indulging cozy comfort

relaxing on the plush, boucle couch  in the living room with a large television, ideal for viewing nostalgic movies (or more intimate films for adult eyes only)

hosting monthly meetups

exclusive or inclusive special interest groups in a neutral environment that is secure and sexy

support & Sense of Belonging

Regardless of the intersection a person exists within, support and a sense of belonging are necessities of holistic living. Offering a venue that has ample space for folks from expansive backgrounds and ideals is one of the core principles of The Index. We remain open-ended in our offerings intentionally so that our members and guests do not feel obligated to engage in any particular experience, but instead feel empowered to participate at their level, on their terms.

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