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The Index features numerous rooms and spaces designed for entertaining up to eight (8) guests during vacation rentals (and more for our event rentals).

Four (4) Bedrooms
Two (2) Bathrooms
Living Room
Interior Dining Room
Breakfast Bar / Working Area
Laundry Room
Contactless Shop

Meditation Screened Deck
Three (3) Decks
One (1) Rooftop Deck (accesses pool)
Covered Parking

room immersions

Lake view & wildlife in sunny Central Florida

The Index is located on an acre of semi-private serenity in Winter Haven, Florida, with 120 ft of lake views, huge mature trees, and regular visitors of native wildlife. There is always a breeze outside, and there is plenty of outdoor deck space to comfortably enjoy the Florida sun, whether you are watching the sunrise or sunset.

designed for community & intimacy

With community and intimacy in mind, every corner of The Index has been designed and reviewed to create a truly special, one of a kind venue. Comfortable, practical, and even luxurious, the venue flexes to meet your needs without sacrificing quality. The venue was built in 1969 and was owned by one family for its entire life until it came under our care. We retained its natural beauty and architectural interest while bringing it into the current century.

the index contactless store

forgot something?
visit our contactless shop

We get it. You're in the throes of packing while excited, and you forgot that special something that would make your stay even more memorable. Our contactless store is here to provide what you need! Peruse numerous offerings from our affiliate vendors and complete your purchase, all in our discreet app. Take your purchase home with you at the end of your stay.

(Located in the laundry area on the left wing of the venue.)

Two dishwashers? Yes, two!

Why sanitize toys and gear in the same place you clean dishes? We wouldn't want to, either. Since all of the gear provided for your use is able to be cleaned and sanitized, we have an entirely separate dishwasher strictly for toys located in the laundry room. 

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