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about shalimar

Shalimar is a Leather, queer, pansexual, service-focused educator in the kink community. In their professional life, Shalimar is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who has focused on dismantling systemic discrimination (homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, stigma, etc.) in the mental health and sexual health spheres.

They have been in the kink community for the last 9 years. While in the San Diego community, Shalimar served as an ambassador and demo Top for Leather Realm, a kink contingent of San Diego Pride that aims to educate the general community about the kink community and kinky play in a consensual and communication-focused way. Shalimar also actively participated in volunteerism with Club X San Diego through space set-up/tear down, engaging community members at events, and running various classes. Shalimar has also volunteered in various in-person and virtual conferences: Sin in the City, Southwest Leather Conference, San Diego Leather Pride, Service Oriented Conference, Virtual Master/slave Conference, to name a few. Topics of classes include The Art of Suffering, Healthier Power, Communication, and Hypnosis. 

Shalimar aims to create spaces that actively assess their power and work towards creating safer spaces for the most stigmatized and marginalized folks. Shalimar also creates art with pen and ink, color pencil, and/or water color. Shalimar streams their art on Twitch ( while also discussing topics around the healthcare system, kink, sex/gender, and social justice issues. In their spare time, Shalimar is creating a NSFW adult kinky coloring book. They also love cats and enjoy creating crochet pieces that they donate to various groups and fundraisers.

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