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hafat & GuiltyFutility

about hafat & Guiltyfutility
(she/her & she/her)

hafat (she/her) came into the community after years of wandering the vanilla desert in search of something to slake her unholy thirsts. She found it in the 24/7 Ownership dynamic she proudly shares with her property, GuiltyFutility. Together they live in a committed poly household with her best friend/her property’s husband and their teenaged son. hafat is a member and volunteer at Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs.

GuiltyFutility (she/her/property) has been a member of the BDSM community since 2003, in a variety of locations including San Francisco, Baltimore, and Colorado. She is currently a member in good standing and a volunteer at Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs. She is proudly owned by hafat. She lives in a committed poly household including her husband, her Owner, and their son.


GuiltyFutility’s primary interest is in power imbalanced relationships, which has led to experiences with a variety of play. Currently she lives in a 24/7 Owner/property dynamic, focused on the creation of positive codependency.

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