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what is The Index?

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Daydream. Fantasize. And then indulge in what an idyllic retreat can look like for you.  Comfortable linens to ease into, luxurious textures to run your fingertips over, and sexy dungeon equipment that is sturdy, durable, and intuitive, are all waiting for you at The Index, where your pleasure intersects with your environment.


The Index offers a secure, safe venue to explore your desires, passions, and kinks (and more). We have combined the timeless features of hotel stays with revolutionary application to create an adult-only venue that is discreet, sanitary, and luxurious .

we center
connection, pleasure, & education

While staying at or visiting The Index, feeling secure as you explore and revel in your identities is our priority. Heightened awareness of consent modalities, risk-mitigated practices, and general social/bodily health and wellness are at the forefront of all decisions made surrounding  operations of The Index.


Queer, trans, disabled, & neurodivergent owned & operated

We get it: you're used to being burned by the system, attending events and occupying spaces that weren't made or designed for you. Your needs, desires, play styles, body type, and identity have never been considered before. We aim to change that and lay the groundwork for what an immersive, holistic venue can look like that takes everyone's needs into consideration. As two people who live at multiple intersections of oppression, we know what it is like to feel like there isn't anywhere made for us. Let The Index show you there is.

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