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Lady Speech

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Speaker biography TBA (link updated soon)

resolution presenters

We are grateful to all of our presenters for offering their expertise, education, and time to Resolution. Our diverse group of presenters come from out of state, out of country, and from only an hour away, offering perspectives from multiple community groups and multiple areas of North America. We love featuring queer, BIPOC, trans, and varying age group presenters with educational experiences that center not their demographics, but their experience and subject matter expertise.


Aeolis Est

Aeolis Est has been quietly walking their Leather path for well over a decade, embracing the love of service and community long before ever realizing that their dedication to preserving and increasing knowledge and skill for those that come after had marked them as a person of Leather. While now they are mostly “retired,” Aeo spent many years traveling the country presenting for events big and small. They have always carried with them not only a passion for education and self actualization, but a dedication to the growth of the community they so love.



CreamDream has been involved in alternative lifestyle scenes since 2009 in Atlanta. A first-generation indigenous Mexican (Zacateco) American and active Leather man who identifies as a slave, he serves the community by advocating for positive BIPOC and male submissive/slave spaces, participating on panels, presenting at conferences, peer-mentoring, and volunteering. CreamDream also serves as co-leader of Black Atlanta Munch and as Librarian/Curator for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collections Atlanta Annex. He lives his life in a Master/slave dynamic with MsDDom, enjoys the camaraderie of leather and kinky folks, and travels often to participate in lifestyle events across the U.S.

Devyn Stone.jpg

Master Devyn Stone

Master (Devyn) Stone is an author, educator, and JEDI consultant. He is a Leatherman, an extrovert, a dominant, a Sons of Anarchy fan, and a foodie. He also enjoys organizing events, volunteering, moderating, speaking, and emceeing! He dreams of globe trotting and helping folx achieve the connections they desire, while they learn themselves more deeply. He has been practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004. He earned the title "Master" and was covered in 2023 at South Plains Leatherfest. Today he lives in Colorado with his property and his doll. Devyn is the author of “DAMN! That’s A Nice Ash! A Comprehensive Guide to Cigar Service & Play” and “Why I Don't Own Them... Yet… ,” offering a concise and easy to digest guide to negotiating authority in relationships. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking, an organization that provides virtual education on the practical aspects of BDSM, and THRIVE, a virtual conference dedicated to the intersection of neurodivergence, mental health, and BDSM. Master Stone has a passion for giving and receiving education. As an educator and consultant, he offers over 50 classes and programs to organizations, groups, and events all around the world. His favorite topics to speak on include: productivity, leadership, consent, event coordinating, authority transfer, and neurodivergence. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions. He was presented the Inferno award at FLAME in 2021, in recognition of his work providing inclusive and accessible education to the BDSM, Leather, and Kink Communities. To keep up with his work and get in touch please visit


Master Stone & Guan Xuan

Master (Devyn) Stone (he/him) and his property, Guan-Xuan (they/we/it), reside in the unceded lands of the Ute and Cheyenne people (Colorado Springs, CO). Together, they blend trauma-informed practices, neurodivergence, (dis)ability, and culture into a beautifully crafted 24/7, no way out, total authority transfer dynamic, which they have dubbed: Radical Ownership. Master Stone is a neurodivergent, disabled, leatherman, educator, JEDI consultant, and author. Nicknamed "The Mad Hatter" he spends more than 40 hours per week dedicated to organizing events, volunteering, coaching, mentoring, moderating, and sitting on panels. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking and Executive Producer for the THRIVE conference. Devyn has a passion for giving and receiving education, offering 40+ classes to dozens of groups virtually and in person. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions. Guan-Xuan is an asexual, aromantic, queer, transgender, nonbinary, Taiwanese-American immigrant, and sadistic slave. Along with their Master, they co-founded the THRIVE conference and serve as the mental health liaison. They devote their life to their Master’s will and occasional wild whimsy by operating as his auxiliary prefrontal cortex, accountant, emotional support dog, and punching bag. Guan-Xuan spends much of their time, in non-kink interactions, facilitating a space where intergenerational trauma, racial and systemic trauma, and colonization are unpacked, and being a witness to the healing of queer and trans folx of the global majority (QTBIPOC).



Princess Asshole (she/they) and Kris (any pronouns) hail from Austin, Texas. They were immediately bonded by their love of heavy blood play and Leather. PA identifies as a switch, and she is honored to be Kris' property. Kris identifies as a Dom Top and Daddy to PA. Both came into the relationship as tops which made the power exchange dynamic super spicy, and they both love the dynamic they have created. They are the founders of Bat City Leather, a leather group inclusive to all, in Austin, Texas. Kris came up in the Leather bar scene nearly 20 years ago and brings a different perspective of community engagement and risk aware play. You'll see Kris and PA play a lot with blood and sharps but Kris also loves heavy impact (especially canes), pegging and fisting! PA is just your run-of-the-mill asshole trying to do weird stuff to people and have a lot of laughs in the process. She is a creative by trade and tends to bring that creativity to her own brand of sadism or really just dig her own hole under Kris' needles. She's also honored to have been Rocky Mountain Person of Leather from 2019-2021 and current Producer of the Heartland Person of Leather contest. They both have a passion for effective communication, neurodivergent inclusive education, and making space for the more taboo sides of kink. Kris highly values kindness while PA has a love of service, and together you get two people who want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Kris and PA.JPG

Kris & Princess Asshole

Princess Asshole (she/they) and Kris (any pronouns) hail from Austin, Texas. They were immediately bonded by their love of heavy blood play and Leather. PA identifies as a switch, and she is honored to be Kris' property. Kris identifies as a Dom Top and Daddy. Both came into the relationship as tops which made the power exchange dynamic super spicy, and they both love the dynamic they have created. They are the founders of Bat City Leather, a leather group inclusive to all, in Austin, Texas. Together and individually they teach on blood play & rituals, impact play, pegging & fisting, risk awareness, and contract & scene negotiations.



MsDDom entered the Atlanta community as a kink-explorer in 2008. She is an active Leather Woman who leads Black FemDoms-Atlanta (BFD), co-leads Black Atlanta Munch, is founding member and Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA), as well as, serves as Award Chair for NLA-I, servant for the Leather Solidarity Collective, servant for Evergreen Leather Events, and Southeast advisory for Women of Drummer. Her participation in community has included co-mentoring for the Atlanta Mentors Coalition and judging contests such as Mr/Ms Atlanta Eagle, International Geared Up Pup, and Northeast Master and slave. MsDDom is the recipient of the 2022 MAsT Presenter of the Year award, 2016 SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award, and 2019 Southeast Pantheon of Leather Award; she continually enjoys being of service to the kink/BDSM and Leather communities at large. MsDDom supports the kink, Leather, FemDom, and M/s communities through peer-mentoring, presenting classes, and advocating for women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color), and LGBTQ+ spaces. An alumna of MTTA Master Weekend #25, she has presented at various events including Atlanta BDSM Workshops, DomCon, Power eXchange Summit, NOLAgoL Campout, Master/slave Conference, and ONYX Blackout 22 and 27. She is also the curator of the Black FemDoms-Atlanta podcast. MsDDom and her slave, CreamDream, both serve as Librarians for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collection Atlanta Annex and co-lead Black Atlanta Munch (B.A.M.). They find familial camaraderie as members of MAsT, plus sharing their time with others when traveling across the U.S. and in Canada.


MsDDom & CreamDream

MsDDom and CreamDream have lived in an authority-based dynamic since 2010. With lifestyle experiences, cultural, and age differences, their goal is a sustainable authority-based relationship. Active in the Atlanta BDSM and Leather communities, both are servant leaders who share their time by presenting topics, advocating for BIPOC presence, and volunteering for various organizations, conferences, and groups. This dynamic couple are Librarians at the Carter/Johnson Library and Collections Atlanta Annex, co-lead the Black Atlanta Munch, and are servant Head Master and majordomo slave, respectively, of the Black FemDoms - Atlanta group. MsDDom and CreamDream enjoy traveling and sharing their time with lifestyle people in the U.S. and Canada.

SB and sK.jpeg

Master SwitchyButch & slave Bahari

A Queer Transmasculine Master with a heart for service, SwitchyButch (he/him) is privileged to receive the service and surrender of his devoted slave and Owned property, Bahari, and the tenacity and loyalty of his shieldmaiden of over 16 years, Itazura. He is delighted to serve as the Director of Family and Community Services for the Atlantic Leather Family Alliance and is proud to hold the title of Bluegrass Leather Bootblack 2016. Finding sacred in the profane, SwitchyButch serves as Ordeal Master to those beloved to him, acting as alchemist and mirror so that they may see their own unspeakable power and beauty in shattered moments of utter destruction. Both a sadomasochist and a tireless learner, he particularly delights using his psychology education for nefarious purposes (Skinner boxes, anyone?) SwitchyButch revels the filthier things in life; has a penchant for sharp shit; and spends an abundance of time relishing in the finer pleasures this world has to offer, particularly cigars with good bourbon, boot worship, indulgent coffee service, and well-executed high protocol. Bahari (he/him) is a Black Transmasculine Leather slave and Owned property of SwitchyButch. He is more than a little bit of a cigar slut, deeply passionate about the crafting and service of coffee, and equal parts devoted emotional support puppy and willing masochist to his Master’s sadism. Equal parts mischievous puppy and devoted student of the Universe, Bahari is as likely to be found deep in soul conversation with other growth-minded individuals as he is to be laughing delightedly at the results of his latest shenanigans. Bahari resides with his Master and his metamour in beautiful central Kentucky, where he lives his life with intentionality in surrender to his Master. Together they are sacred sex practitioners, Brothers to the members of their Leather family, and feed their soul by disappearing into the woods with their family to dive deep into energy work, bonding, and exploring beyond the edges of their comfort zone. Profoundly committed to authenticity and living their truth, their authority transfer is rooted in radical vulnerability, a mutual commitment to growth and to stripping away that which does not serve, and shared values. They are both dyed-in-the-wool activists and are deeply invested in the intentional cultivation of equity and justice.

team soup

Team Soup

We are Team Soup! Perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things. We are dedicated to having fun and laughter within our lives. We are committed to a leather lifestyle, M/s, and heavy play. We offer a variety of workshops on topics that are based on core elements within our own lives. Polar is a sadist with a creative sense of humor and a passion for finding new ways to do mean things with a smile. His play and workshops lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, hatchets, rough body play, bare-handed impact, and blood play to name a few. Polar is the Master, Owner, Daddy, and partner of nephesh, who is his collared property. nephesh is The Tentacle, a Wonder Woman and His bratty pitbull. nephesh is a heavy masochist and smart ass who thrives on pain, blood, and fleeting amounts of consent. nephesh is the devoted property of Polar. Together, they are Team Soup.


Master Triskelan

Triskelan (They/Them) self identifies beyond the limitations of singular labels, resonating as a holistically integrated Sapiosexual Pagan, Gender Fluid Queer, Relationship Anarchist, and Leather Master with sadistic edgy ritualistic aspects. Honored to have been named Pantheon of Leather Community Choice “Woman of the Year” 2012, Master Triskelan continues to volunteer without pause raising cultural diversity awareness through facilitation of educational presentations and demos, discussion panels, philanthropic fundraising, providing keynote addresses, and serving as an international Title Circuit contestant handler and contest judge.

Resolution Staff

We are proud to feature our staff front and center among our team who will be offering their service throughout the conference. Many of these individuals offer their time at countless events nationally, statewide, or in their local communities. This is a group of folks whose passion and dedication made them a great addition to our team for Resolution, and we allocated their positions to areas where we know their strengths will shine. Each member of our staff brings something unique and special to the conference, and we are excited for them to be joining us.


Lil Aalyanna

I am Little Lady Aalyanna, but you can call my Lil Aaly. I identify as a neurodivergent poly pan & poly sexual sadistic leather little. My pronouns are she/her. I have been with my Daddy since 1999, and with my middle sister since 2002. I have been in the lifestyle since 1996 and have been teaching since 2011. I am an educator and creator of safe spaces for littles to be themselves.

Basil & Kit

Basil & Kit

Have you ever wanted to drop everything and move off grid? That's what Basil and Kit did! Self-proclaimed 'Weirdos of the Woods,' these vaguely human-shaped entities can be found growing food, rebuilding barns, and in deep discussions with goats. They have served countless hours as volunteers for local events, offering their time wherever they are needed. Both Basil and Kit are trans, queer, sexually liberated naturalists who share a service-oriented, co-switch relationship, creating a seamless integration of self-awareness and unapologetic authenticity.


hafat & GuiltyFutility

hafat (she/her) came into the community after years of wandering the vanilla desert in search of something to slake her unholy thirsts. She found it in the 24/7 Ownership dynamic she proudly shares with her property, GuiltyFutility. Together they live in a committed poly household with her best friend/her property’s husband and their teenaged son. hafat is a member and volunteer at Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs. GuiltyFutility (she/her) has been a member of the BDSM community since 2003, in a variety of locations including San Francisco, Baltimore, and Colorado. She is currently a member in good standing and a volunteer at Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs. She is proudly owned by hafat. She lives in a committed poly household including her husband, her Owner and their son.



Karis (she/they) is a creative sadomasochist, bartender, and medical fetishist with a penchant for adaptive protocols. Karis served the Central Florida kinky community in various capacities for over a decade before stepping out of the social scene to establish a private referential dynamic. In the past, Karis has been an informal and host-supported educator for topics ranging from ritual atonement to zelophelia. She enjoys exploring the epistemological foundations of queer leather, play formats, and power exchange structures. These days her hobbies center around dissection and drink services. Karis’ inquisitive nature and alcohol alchemy can be shared at private parties and exclusive events.



Shalimar is a Leather boy, service pupper, bootblack, and service leader. They are a lifelong student who strives towards building aware communities that address ethics, equity, and safety. They have been in the kink community for nine years and recently obtained their LCSW. Their goal is to address issues of accessibility and oppression within our communities and increase the dialogue around issues such as racism, abuse, gatekeeping, and sexism.


slave feyrie

slave feyrie is a queer neurodivergent leather girl, storyteller, artist and writer. She entered the public Leather and BDSM scenes in the ‘90s and has been happy to call them home ever since. Throughout the years, she has been active in many groups in the Southeast region including SC-LOCK, 3-D, Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, T-3, CAPEX, and MAsT Charlotte. She holds the titles of International slave 2015 and SouthEast slave 2014. As a regional and national level presenter, slave feyrie has enjoyed presenting and serving at events throughout the United States. She is especially passionate about tea service, and identifies as a “high protocol formal service fetishist”. She is committed to opening this flavor of kink to all who are interested or curious, by providing inclusive opportunities to learn and experience high protocol and formal service in a fun, supportive, non-shaming environment. She also presents on the topics of M/s dynamics, growth and development in service, SM play and sexuality, social justice, neurodivergence, and the use of sex and ritual in improving relationships, community, and quality of life.

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