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(any pronouns & she/they)

Princess Asshole (she/they) and Kris (any pronouns) hail from Austin, Texas. They were immediately bonded by their love of heavy blood play and Leather. PA identifies as a switch, and she is honored to be Kris' property. Kris identifies as a Dom Top and Daddy to PA. Both came into the relationship as tops which made the power exchange dynamic super spicy, and they both love the dynamic they have created. They are the founders of Bat City Leather, a leather group inclusive to all, in Austin, Texas. 


Kris came up in the Leather bar scene nearly 20 years ago and brings a different perspective of community engagement and risk aware play. You'll see Kris and PA play a lot with blood and sharps but Kris also loves heavy impact (especially canes), pegging and fisting! 


PA is just your run-of-the-mill asshole trying to do weird stuff to people and have a lot of laughs in the process. She is a creative by trade and tends to bring that creativity to her own brand of sadism or really just dig her own hole under Kris' needles. She's also honored to have been Rocky Mountain Person of Leather from 2019-2021 and current Producer of the Heartland Person of Leather contest. 


They both have a passion for effective communication, neurodivergent inclusive education, and making space for the more taboo sides of kink. Kris highly values kindness while PA has a love of service, and together you get two people who want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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