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about slave feyrie

slave feyrie is a queer neurodivergent leather girl, storyteller, artist and writer. She entered the public Leather and BDSM scenes in the 90’s and has been happy to call them home ever since. Throughout the years, she has been active in many groups in the Southeast region including SC-LOCK, 3-D, Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, T-3, CAPEX, and MAsT Charlotte. She holds the titles of International slave 2015 and SouthEast slave 2014.

As a regional and national level presenter, slave feyrie has enjoyed giving classes and workshops, judging, tallywacking, and serving at events, conferences, groups, and MAsT chapters throughout the United States including (but not limited to) SouthEast LeatherFest, Master/slave conference, South Plains Leatherfest, Northwest Leather celebration, and International Ms Leather and Bootblack (IMsLBB). 

slave feyrie is especially passionate about tea service, and identifies as a “high protocol formal service fetishist.” She is committed to opening this flavor of kink to all who are interested or curious, by providing inclusive opportunities to learn and experience high protocol and formal service in a fun, supportive, non-shaming environment for both sides of the slash. She is also passionate about presenting, writing, discussing and exploring the topics of M/s dynamics, growth and development in service, SM play and sexuality, social justice, neurodivergence, and the use of sex and ritual in improving relationships, community, and quality of life.

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