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about Master stone &
guan xuan

(he/him & they/we/it)

Master (Devyn) Stone (he/him) and his property, Guan-Xuan (they/we/it), reside in the unceded lands of the Ute and Cheyenne people (Colorado Springs, CO). Together, they blend trauma-informed practices, neurodivergence, (dis)ability, and culture into a beautifully crafted 24/7, no way out, total authority transfer dynamic, which they have dubbed: Radical Ownership.

Master Stone is a neurodivergent, disabled, leatherman, educator, JEDI consultant, and author. Nicknamed "The Mad Hatter" he spends more than 40 hours per week dedicated to organizing events, volunteering, coaching, mentoring, moderating, and sitting on panels. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking and Executive Producer for the THRIVE conference. Devyn has a passion for giving and receiving education, offering 40+ classes to dozens of groups virtually and in person. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions.

Guan-Xuan is an asexual, aromantic, queer, transgender, nonbinary, Taiwanese-American immigrant, and sadistic slave. Along with their Master, they co-founded the THRIVE conference and serve as the mental health liaison. They devote their life to their Master’s will and occasional wild whimsy by operating as his auxiliary prefrontal cortex, accountant, emotional support dog, and punching bag. Guan-Xuan spends much of their time, in non-kink interactions, facilitating a space where intergenerational trauma, racial and systemic trauma, and colonization are unpacked, and being a witness to the healing of queer and trans folx of the global majority (QTBIPOC).

about Master devyn stone

Master (Devyn) Stone is an author, educator, and JEDI consultant. He is a Leatherman, an extrovert, a dominant, a Sons of Anarchy fan, and a foodie. He also enjoys organizing events, volunteering, moderating, speaking, and emceeing! He dreams of globe trotting and helping folx achieve the connections they desire, while they learn themselves more deeply. He has been practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004. He earned the title "Master" and was covered in 2023 at South Plains Leatherfest. Today he lives in Colorado with his property and his doll.


Devyn is the author of “DAMN! That’s A Nice Ash! A Comprehensive Guide to Cigar Service & Play” and “Why I Don't Own Them... Yet… ,” offering a concise and easy to digest guide to negotiating authority in relationships. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking, an organization that provides virtual education on the practical aspects of BDSM, and THRIVE, a virtual conference dedicated to the intersection of neurodivergence, mental health, and BDSM.


Master Stone has a passion for giving and receiving education. As an educator and consultant, he offers over 50 classes and programs to organizations, groups, and events all around the world. His favorite topics to speak on include: productivity, leadership, consent, event coordinating, authority transfer, and neurodivergence. He believes in diversity not division, and actualizes that idea by promoting strongly affirming spaces and interactions. He was presented the Inferno award at FLAME in 2021, in recognition of his work providing inclusive and accessible education to the BDSM, Leather, and Kink Communities.


To keep up with his work and get in touch please visit

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